It’s simple!
  1. Register online with JourneyQuote
  2. Post your journey request providing the following details: date, number of passengers and where you are travelling from and to. Your journey request will be sent to every relevant registered coach company and those interested will quote their best price. All of these quotes will be delivered directly to your email inbox.
  3. You simply approve the one that appeals to you most.
When you click on the ‘Approve’ button that corresponds to your preferred quote the system will ask you to pay 10% of the total price. When this 10% is paid the booking is confirmed. You then pay the remaining 90% of the journey price directly to the bus company either on the day or prior to travel. Transport providers will each have different requests with regard to payment. You need to contact your Transport Provider directly to confirm the next steps and you can message each other directly from your JourneyQuote dashboard if you wish.
Our model simply opens up your travel needs to a huge network of bus and coach companies in every county in Ireland. The quoting system allows you to select your best rate while also delivering the Transport Provider with a booking that they may not have otherwise received. It’s truly win-win as you get a very competitive best value price and the Transport Providers get more business.
Transport providers join JourneyQuote for free! Passengers post their journeys for free with no sign up costs. Our only charge is 10% of the journey price which is paid by the passenger to JourneyQuote at booking confirmation stage. They then pay the remaining 90% directly to the transport provider.
Traditional phone calls and online searches are time intensive, especially if you seek the best value comparisons. All of that hassle is now gone with our unique platform which delivers the best business deals directly to you from the best transport providers all over Ireland.
As with all normal service level agreements between the passenger and the provider, it’s in everyone’s interest that the provider shows up to deliver a satisfactory customer experience. That said however, we understand that sometimes there will be issues and we employ a very strict code of behaviour and service delivery expectation from our providers. Each one is vetted as they are recruited and any poor service experiences delivered to passengers will be treated with great seriousness with poor performing companies being removed from JourneyQuote.
For facilitating the connection between the passenger and the provider we take a 10% fee which is deducted from the Providers journey price. After the booking is completed and this 10% payment has been made both the passenger and Provider engage directly with each other to proceed further.
If the Provider cancels or does not show up for a collection JourneyQuote will refund the passenger the 10% facilitation fee..
All companies are insured and legal to carry passengers as per the law and regulations of the time. No provider can register with JourneyQuote without submitting the relevant documentation. We monitor our business performance and work hard to ensure that you get the best rates and choice and a very high level of service.
Passengers will be subject to their Providers Terms and Conditions after the booking has been confirmed online with JourneyQuote.
JourneyQuote has registered Providers in every county in Ireland. Our platform allows city and rural transport providers to use our platform cost free benefitting from increased business. Passengers get access to a huge network of providers and save time and money.
Yes and no. We’re similar in that it’s an online platform that all bus/coach companies register with to provide road travel services to passengers. We are not the same in that all of the journeys are requested for some time in the future and all bus/coach companies are invited to quote their best rate. This enforces value and competitiveness for all concerned and it’s what makes JourneyQuote perhaps more unique.
JourneyQuote is a platform that will increase a bus/coach companies existing business as it delivers a network of nationwide passengers to companies who may not have had access to them until now. Companies can save on expensive marketing campaigns as JourneyQuote is free for them to use.
None. We are a broker offering a platform to unite travelling groups with their best transport needs. We do not hold any vehicles of our own nor do we intend to.